Three equal voices, perfect balance between written arrangements and improvisation, complex contrapuntal interweaving: Codice3 is an atypical formation, which draws its own strength from the absence of traditional rhythmic instruments, bass and drums.
More and less known songs, from Ellington to Monk, from musical to Cuban son, are only the starting point for a strong and original reinterpretation.

Sebastiano Bon  flute, bass flute and arrangements
Federica Gennai  vocals
Daniele Vettori  guitar

codice3 - you and the night and the music

Credits and technical specifications

  • Engineered by Francesco Rubenni and Emanuele Braca
  • Recorded at La Sala del Rosso, Florence, Italy
  • Produced by Rosso Fiorentino Audio srl
  • Video by Andrea De Donato
  • Photos by Andrea De Donato , Francesco Rubenni
  • Vocal mic: Neumann U87
  • Guitar mics: Sennheiser MD441, AKG C414
  • Flute mic: Neumann U87
  • Preamps and DACs: Horus by Merging Technologies 24/384kHz (DxD)
  • Recording desk: Pyramix Virtual Studio by Merging Technologies 24/384kHz (DxD)
  • Monitoring amplifier: Boulder 2100 series, Northstar Design
  • Monitoring loudspeakers: Rosso Fiorentino model SIENA
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