Rosso Fiorentino records

our latest project

Rosso Fiorentino Records comes from the desire to live music in all its technical aspects, from recording to reproduction, from the involving experience of live concerts to the breathtaking pleasure of listening to a high end audio system.

La sala del Rosso, our unique listening and recording space, gives artists the chance to record their music in exceptional acoustic conditions. All the recordings take place in our space which not only possesses exceptional acoustic quality but, as an ancient and charming building, is able to communicate a unique and inspiring atmosphere.

We love all music genres and like to experiment with different recording techniques, ranging from a “purist” approach where the recording should adhere as closely as possible to the original live event with as little equipment possible and no added sophistication, to a more creative approach taking advantage of the studio’s equipment to evoke the illusion of a great live performance.

Great care was taken to select the most appropriate equipment during the making of each album, from the exceptional quality microphones and pre-amplifiers, through all the cabling to the recording system. 

The latter, Horus by Merging Technologies, is one of the most accurate A/D converters to be found in the audio market and is capable of acquiring the musical signal up to a resolution of 384kHz/24bit.

Once the technical aspects are set up, the musicians are free to express themselves totally. The monitoring of each recording is done through Rosso’s loudspeakers which reproduce the quality of the performance in a very neutral way thus helping us to decide which direction to take in order to refine the recording.

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